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Last School Post

As the term comes to a close, I have been asked to post my favorite photo from this term. This is a tough decision as there might be a few thousand photos at my disposal. But being the dog person that I am, there is one photo that stands out from all the others. I was sitting at home with one of my best friends, and my dog, Shotzi, wandered up to her and just plopped down in front of her. My friend began to massage and scratch Shotzi, and I noticed the face she was making. PURE HAPPINESS.
Shotzi, a Boston Terrier, aged 12
My photo skills from the beginning of the year were decent, but not great. While they have improved (I finally figured out how to change my ISO!!) I still have a long ways to go. Fortunately I have a lot of opportunities to improve my shots.


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Reading Its What I Do is starting to look like one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. Im far more accustomed to reading books like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. But a recent timeline non-fiction book has gotten my attention for the first time ever. The amount of detail in the prelude shows a no-holds barred style of writing, with an attention to detail. The writing really makes it feel dangerous, and leaves readers with a cliffhanger that we don't get to resolve until later in the book. The pictures she took during the conflict in Libya are exceptional, showing the fear and uncertainty in many of the rebel fighters. Often these photos were taken just before a helicopter strafe or a bombing by government planes. Then when she is writing about her early life, she has the same style of writing. Only the truth is written.

My Hometown: The Dirty K

My hometown is a city about thirty minutes from the California border, known as Klamath Falls. Its not much, mostly famous for the military base, its high crime rate, and having one of the best high school baseball teams ever. But its one of my favorite places to live. Living in Albany shows me that while I love the rain and the proximity to the cities of Oregon. But it doesn't have the jets constantly roaring overhead. When you hear that for years on end, you miss it when its gone.
I had some excellent ideas for my hometown shoot, like having some airborne shots for the overall shot. But the only opportunity I had was foiled by bad weather, and a lack of camera knowledge.